Sections 100: Women In Games event coming to EGX Rezzed

For our third year, we're looking for the Britain's most influential female talent, sponsored by Amiqus

The 100 will return to EGX Rezzed this April.

The project debuted in 2017, where we revealed the 100 most influential people working in the UK games industry. Last year, it returned where we highlighted the 100 future stars of the UK scene.

This year, we're celebrating for the most influential women operating in the UK games industry.

We're looking for women operating in all areas of the business - games development, publishing, media, retail and services. The nominees do not need to be British, but must work within the games industries of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We're not just looking for the big name stars, but anyone working behind-the-scenes and making a significant impact on video games and the people around them.


The 100 will be announced as part of a special online feature, plus a special party that will take place at EGX Rezzed on Friday, April 5th. The 100 is sponsored by recruitment specialist Amiqus.

If you have a name, or names, of people you'd like to see considered for the 100, please email with your suggestion. Please include their full name, their current employer (if applicable) and 50 - 100 words as to why they should be considered. The deadline for nominations is the end of the day on Friday, March 1st.

The final 100 will be voted for by winners of the previous two 100 lists.

"The response we've had to the G Into Gaming campaign since we launched last year has been phenomenal - and testament to the fact that the industry is ready to take positive action to address the gender imbalance," says Amiqus' business manager Liz Prince.

" 100: Women in Games is a fantastic opportunity to recognise and celebrate the great women - the role models for upcoming and future talent - who are already working in our industry. So we are delighted to support the initiative, and look forward to seeing our friends and colleagues on April 5th."

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