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Apex Legends beats Fortnite record for single-day Twitch viewing

Respawn's Twitch Rivals event racked up 8.4 million hours viewed, streaming platform's fourth highest in five years

In addition to rapidly gathering a large audience, Apex Legends is now making waves on Twitch.

The free-to-play battle royale title achieved the fourth highest single-day views in five years, thanks to the Twitch Rivals event arranged by developer Respawn and the streaming platform earlier this week.

On February 12th, Apex Legends fans watched 8.4 million hours of matches, according to Twitch tracker Gamoloco. The firm's study dates back to October 2014.

Most notably, that's more than a million higher that Fortnite's most successful single-day viewing, which was 7.2 million hours for the game's Season 5 launch last July.

Apex Legends' Twitch Rivals lost out on a place in the three most-viewed events, all of which were for Counter-Strike: GO. Two of the top three took place during the 2015 ESL One Cologne contest, with 8.4 million hours viewed on August 12 and 8.6 million on August 22nd.

Even without an organised event, Apex Legends has two additional places in the Top 15 best single-day viewing figures. February 10th, just six days after launch, saw Twitch users watching 6.9 million hours, ramping up to 7.1 million hours the following day.

You can check out the full infographic by Gamoloco below.

Apex Legends was a surprise release from Electronic Arts and Respawn earlier this month. Within the first eight hours, it had already attracted more than one million players, and has since grown to 25 million. It was also faster than Fortnite to reach two million concurrent players.

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14 - 16 April 2021

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It going to be an Apex (Fortnite) world going forward. EA is taking their spot as the world largest game company by market value and revenue.

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