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Mike Morhaime fully departs Blizzard this April

Long-serving exec is currently in advisory role, but will give up these responsibilities later this year

Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime will complete his departure in just a few months time.

It was revealed back in October that he was stepping down from his role as president of Blizzard Entertainment, but would remain involved with the firm in an advisory capacity.

This appears to have been a six-month agreement as a securities exchange filing reveals that Morhaime's "employment with the company as a strategic advisor will conclude on April 7, 2019."

This will effectively end Morhaime's involvement in Blizzard, 28 years after he co-founded the Warcraft firm.

He was replaced in October by former executive producer J. Allen Brack, who continues to serve as president.

Activision Blizzard has made several changes to its top-level management in the past few months, naming three new divisional presidents for its Activision, King and Emerging Business units earlier this week.

The publisher has also lost two chief financial officers since the year began, with former Blizzard CFO Amrita Ahuja departing for payment solutions firm Square Inc.

Meanwhile, Activision CFO Spencer Neumann's employment was terminated, with Neumann since resurfacing in the same role at Netflix.

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Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Latest comments (2)

Roland Austinat roland austinat media productions|consulting, IDG, Computec, Spiegel Online2 years ago
What I'd be interested in and what no industry news site has even thought about while posting press releases: why did Mr. Morhaime step down? It seems that he's been doing a great job and isn't in retirement age just yet.
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 2 years ago
Two timescales:

Over the last six months, it looks like a full internal civil war between Activision and its studios, with Netease being some sort of enabler. Netease first makes a lot of money releasing Blizzard (not Activision) games in China. Then Netease gives $100M to Bungie. At the same time rumors circulate about Activision wanting Blizzard to do more mobile. Blizzard then very obviously reskins a Netease game into Diablo Immortal, which gets booed off stage, after being presented with arguments as if focus testing did not exist. Meanwhile Bungie is working on splitting off from Activision, courtesy of having recently received some third party funding that essentially is money from Blizzard IPs by way of Netease. When rattling off facts makes you sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist who invents two thirds of what he just wrote, you had a bad six months.

Over the last six years, Blizzard games were shrinking in scope. Project Titan was cut back into yet another teamshooter with lootbox galore. HotS competing in a segment defined by a free mod made by hobbyists and practically on the same scope. Hearthstone is a card game like the one found in Witcher 3, minus the Witcher 3 part. Activision crowbaring their red dot game onto the platform. Nostalgia aside, it is pretty grim, but World of Warcraft covers up a lot.

Just a guess, Mike Morhaime probably asked himself two questions. Can I really do something about this madness that evolves on two timescales at the same time and does my income group have a minimum required retirement age. I dare say the answer to the second question is 'no', thereby creating matching answers.
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