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CIS region game devs hit with 7.4% decline in median salary last year

Women lost 10% of their salary as gender pay gap increased to $6,000

Game developers in the Commonwealth of Independent States saw their median salary decline by 7.4% last year compared to 2017.

That's according to figures from a survey conducted by Russia-based recruitment and human resources consultancy VALUES VALUE.

The study found that median compensation in the CIS market dropped from $16,800 per year in 2017 to $15,600 in 2018.

Women were hit hard last year, losing 10% of their median salary; the gender pay gap increased significantly from $4,800 per year to $6,000 despite the gender ratio remaining the same at 27% women, versus 73% men.

According to the survey, managers lost around 23.3% of their monthly compensation, while programmers salary dropped 10%.

The median earnings for C-level executives were $27,600 per year, while programmers earned a median salary of $21,600.

"Median salaries in the CIS region have reduced, according to our research," said VALUES VALUE founder Tanja Loktionova.

"At the same time, according to our internal statistics, highly-qualified specialists sought by employers began showing much higher incomes.

"We see that sometimes their salaries grew by 2-3 times within 2018. The tendency is actual for all the main countries - Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, and also, for all the main roles."

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14 - 16 April 2021

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Latest comments (2)

Laura Millar Artist and Director, High Tea Frog Ltd2 years ago
A decrease in median salaries doesn't mean that 'women were hit hard last year'. Likely a lot of women left high paying roles to jobs in other industries, for even higher pay. This pay gap nonsense needs to stop so we can focus on real problems.
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The gender pay gap is a barometer of many different issues affecting us in the workplace, and it is a real problem. Why would women's salaries overall drop, despite men's remaining broadly the same? If women are leaving in greater numbers than men for better jobs elsewhere, why is that? The survey results are fairly detailed and make for interesting reading.
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