Korean developer Pearl Abyss to open US office

Black Desert Online developer announces new Manhattan branch

South Korean studio Pearl Abyss has today announced the opening of a North American office.

Founded in 2010, the Black Desert Online developer acquired Iceland-based Eve Online studio CCP for $425 million in September.

Late last year, Pearl Abyss prepped to go public, with an estimated value of $164 million.

Since launching in 2014, the company's flagship title Black Desert has acquired over ten million users globally and $300 million lifetime revenue.

"The Manhattan Beach office will serve as an important regional office for Pearl Abyss' continuing growth and success, and our self-publishing efforts in the western market," said senior vice president Jeonghee Jin.

"We have a large roster of talent to draw from in the Los Angeles area and look forward to the next phase of our growth in the global market."

Pearl Abyss reportedly considered many different US cities before settling on Onni Group's Manhattan Beach Towers.

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