Red Dead Redemption 2 makes $725 million in three days

It's the second biggest entertainment launch in history behind GTA V

Red Dead Redemption 2 has generated $725 million in its first three days, says Take-Two.

It is the second biggest opening for a product in entertainment history, only beaten by Rockstar's last major game: Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V achieved over $1 billion in revenue during the same time period.

GTA V was actually released on a Tuesday, so technically Red Dead Redemption 2 has posted the biggest opening weekend for an entertainment property ever.

It's a hugely impressive result for the game, which also won over critics when it arrived last week. The original Red Dead Redemption shifted a (still impressive) 15 million copies during its lifetime, and its sequel is likely to surpass that within days.

The Wild West game also set a string of PlayStation Network records, including highest ever pre-orders, highest day one sales and highest sales for the first three days on the market. Rockstar had teamed up with PlayStation on a co-marketing deal that also included first access to select online content for Red Dead Online, which is due to launch in November.

In the UK, the game sold well in physical form, but not quite well enough to topple FIFA 19 - which is the UK's fastest-selling boxed game this year. Although those figures did not include digital sales.

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Fernando Brischetto Gaming Products / Retail Business Manager, CDMarket3 years ago
Incredible numbers. Well done Rockstar!
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Leslie Benzies was one of 2,000 unmatched developers working at Rockstar Games and it studios. Congratulations to them once again.
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