Jagex investigates streamer following allegations of abusive behaviour

Ali "Gross Gore" Larson accused of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and physical violence during RuneFest 2018

Popular YouTube and Twitch streamer, Ali "Gross Gore" Larson, is under investigation by RuneScape developer Jagex amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour during RuneFest 2018.

Following the official RuneScape fan event, which took place near London over the weekend, multiple complaints were levelled against Larson over social media, including accusations of sexual harassment, physical violence, and verbal abuse.

A RuneScape YouTuber known as Skiddler released a statement addressing the events of Saturday evening.

Skiddler's statement includes comments Larson reportedly made to a women at the event, and an account of a physical altercation which occurred after he confronted Larson over his behaviour.

"He had sat down next to her, and repeatedly commented on her breasts, and how attractive they were," Skiddler wrote.

"She made it clear to Gross Gore that she was uncomfortable, however, he continued not only making comments, but fetched multiple people whom he was with to validate his opinion on her breasts. Rachel approached me shortly after, distraught, and left the hotel."