Oculus reveals Santa Cruz as Oculus Quest at OC5

Wireless headset with 6DoF controls represents "middle ground" between Rift and Go, costs $399

At Oculus Connect 5 today, Oculus has at last officially unveiled its teased Project Santa Cruz as Oculus Quest.

Oculus Quest is intended to serve as a "middle ground" between Oculus Go and Rift. Though the headset is wireless, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says it will be able to provide "rift-quality" games, but without the need for a PC attached. Rift games will be able to be ported to the Quest with some downgrade as well.

The headset's controls make use of six degrees of freedom tracking (up from the three degrees on the Oculus Go) and have Oculus Rift-style buttons for more complex control inputs than the Go.

Oculus Quest is currently planned for launch in spring of 2019 and will cost $399. 50 games will be compatible at release, including Moss and Robo Recall.

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