Blizzard cracks down on third-party Overwatch apps

Players using programs which "impede on the competitive integrity" of the game could face permanent bans

Blizzard is beginning to crack down on use of unauthorized third-party applications in Overwatch. Players who use certain services that "impede on the competitive integrity" of the game will receive a warning to remove the programs, or face a permanent ban.

This comes from a post on the official Blizzard Overwatch forums (via Dotesports) in which community manager Tom Powers explains the company's recent investigation into programs giving unfair competitive advantages to players, and its upcoming plan of action.

"To provide more clarity, any third-party application that impedes on the competitive integrity in Overwatch is not allowed," the post reads. "For example, a third-party application that offers users information such as enemy position, enemy health, enemy ability usage, or Ultimate readiness creates an uneven playing field for every other player in the map."

Dotesports suggests stat-tracking apps such as Pursuit and Visor are likely included in the crackdown.

Powers says that users with a history of such programs are violating the game's end user license agreement and will soon receive a warning to remove the programs. Those who do not comply with warnings, he says, will receive a permanent ban from the game.

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