Valve and Ubisoft fined for breach of French consumer law

Steam and Uplay latest storefronts caught up in European consumer rights violations

Valve and Ubisoft have been fined over €100,000 each after being found in breach of French consumer law.

As revealed by French reviews website NoFrag (via PCGamesN) Steam and Uplay in France currently display notices explaining the respective breaches.

While neither notice is explicit about the nature of the violation, they both pertain to the "contract of sale or supply of services".

As a result, Valve has been fined €147,000 whereas Ubisoft will have to pay €180,000.

This news comes following a recent spate of European consumer rights regulators moving against games companies.

Earlier this month, the German Consumer Association of North Rhine-Westphalia warned Sony over its three areas of the PlayStation Network terms and conditions which were found to be "incompatible with the law".

Additionally, the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC5) found Nintendo's policy regarding cancellation of pre-orders did not meet legal standards. As the company's European office is based in Germany, the NCC forwarded its complaint to the German Consumer Authority.

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