YouTube Gaming migrates to main YouTube hub

Separate website, app to shut down by March 2019; features implemented on YouTube main

YouTube Gaming, in its current form, is disappearing. But its features and purpose will live on merged with YouTube proper, with a new destination attached to YouTube's main hub serving as the site's gaming destination.

In a blog post today, Google announced that the features of the YouTube Gaming app and hub such as game pages and promotion of rising creators will still exist at the site's new gaming hub,

In a statement made to The Verge, YouTube director of gaming content and partnerships Ryan Wyatt said the reason for the migration is due to confusion between YouTube proper and YouTube Gaming. It seems that while gaming on YouTube itself is extremely popular, YouTube Gaming itself failed to net widespread adoption.

"When we launched the YouTube gaming app, I think there was a lot of brand confusion in the market of like, 'Well, is this just a live gaming app and experience? What's gonna happen to gaming on YouTube versus YouTube gaming app?'" Wyatt said. "And so we're hoping that this time around, with us moving it to YouTube [proper], it's a clear signal to the community that we care very much about gaming, that we want gaming on continue to thrive and be a big part. I think we had a big misstep and confusion there."

The migration of gaming content to YouTube's main site has already occurred. The YouTube Gaming app and site will remain in existence until March of 2019, when it will shutter permanently.

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