Ex-Zynga director of product starts Fort Mason Games

Kate Gorman using small studio to create relaxing, social games with "respectful characters"

After five and a half years at Zynga during which she was the company's youngest director of product, Kate Gorman has unveiled the project she's been working on since her departure: Fort Mason Games.

VentureBeat reports that Fort Mason Games is a small studio focused on social, mobile games that hopes to create relaxing experiences. Its first title, Confetti Casino, is a slots game that has launched for iOS and Android.

One of the things Gorman says is unique about Confetti Casino compared to numerous other mobile slots titles is that it is full of women - women who aren't exceedingly sexualized.

"I wanted them to feel friendly and non-sexualized," Gorman said. "Sexualized characters are created without a lot of thought about the impact they might have on payers. I preferred more respectful characters."

Gorman says this is part of her overall effort to improve diversity in the industry.

"It's no secret the gaming industry has fallen short when it comes to fostering gender diversity," said Gorman. "Building mobile games that appeal to everyone with a focus on women opens up an immense market that other companies have long failed to cater to and capitalize on."

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Take-Two/Social Point should take a look at this and buy it near future forming Social Point Studio USA even though ASP already have 360 employees.
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