Bloodstained Vita release canceled due to "Sony's plans to discontinue" handheld

Kickstarter update delays game to 2019, offers refunds to Vita backers

As the PlayStation Vita's twilight years wane on, another anticipated title is opting to skip the handheld altogether. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will no longer release on Vita, with creator Koji Igarashi citing "Sony's plans to discontinue" it.

In a backer update today in which Igarashi also announced the game's delay across all platforms to 2019, he stated that the decision to abandon Vita was due to the end of production of physical Vita game copies and termination of "certain online store support features."

"Being a huge PlayStation & Sony fan myself, I also know cancelling the Vita version of the game may be disappointing to some of you," Igarashi said, "but with Sony's plans to discontinue the console and physical production of games, removing Vita titles from PS+ lineups etc., it was an unfortunate but necessary decision to make. We really hope you'll continue to support us on one of the other platforms available."

Backers of Bloodstained who selected Vita as their platform of choice will receive an email in the coming week allowing them to either switch their preferred console to another supported platform, or receive a refund.

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