CCP partners with NetEase to grow Eve Online in China

Major local publisher takes over Serenity server following collaboration on mobile spin-off Eve: Project Galaxy

CCP has announced an expansion of its partnership with Chinese publisher NetEase that aims to further develop its flagship MMO's popularity in the region.

The firm behind Eve Online already revealed it was working with NetEase on Eve: Project Galaxy, a mobile tie-in for the popular online game, earlier this year. Now CCP has announced NetEase will be taking over publishing duties for Eve Online itself.

As of October, NetEase will be responsible for Serenity, the China-only server for Eve Online that launched back in 2006, and will be utilising its resources in the region to further grow the audience.

CCP also hinted that new events and updated content will also be used to revitalise serenity, and the two firms hope to "bring Eve Online to more players in China than ever before."

The Eve developer said Serenity will pass from its current publisher to NetEase in the coming months and all three parties are working hard to minimise the amount of downtime the game suffers during the transition. They are also doing their best to ensure no player data is lost as it migrates between the two publishers.

"With a track record of releasing games of high quality in the Chinese market and abundant operating experience in this territory which remains super close to CCP's heart, NetEase will no doubt prove to be a suitable publisher for Eve Online in China," CCP wrote on its official website.

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