ArtCraft hits $20 million in funding for Crowfall MMO

Ambitious new game has reached that total through a mix of crowdfunding and traditional investment

ArtCraft Entertainment's forthcoming MMO Crowfall has raised more than $20 million in funding from a combination of crowdfunding, investors and partners.

The Crowfall Kickstarter campaign finished in March 2015, with more than $1.7 million donated by almost 17,000 backers. When we spoke to ArtCraft later that year, it had raised a total of $10 million through a combination of crowdfunding and traditional investment.

In the time since, that figure has doubled to $20 million in funding, "from backers, investors and partners."

The new total was announced in a statement regarding ArtCraft signing a deal to distribute Crowfall in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States with Innova Co.

"They have amassed more than 55 million players on the 4game network by offering some of the most engaging, successful MMOs in the world," said ArtCraft president Gordon Walton in a statement. "Crowfall will be a perfect addition to the platform."

Crowfall is based around what ArtCraft is calling "Throne War", in which each server represents a unique campaign with its own map, characters and rules. Players take on roles within the struggle for supremacy, which plays out over "a few months" before one guild or alliance wins.

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