Backers receive first units of delayed ZX Spectrum Vega+

"We have always-believed that we could complete the project and bring the Vega+ to manufacture," says RCL

Backers of the repeatedly delayed ZX Spectrum Vega+ have started receiving their units this week, two later than scheduled.

The portable console, crowdfunded on Indiegogo to the tune of £500,000, has been a source of controversy over recent months, hampered by delays and an ongoing dispute between current and former management of Retro Computers Ltd.

On May 22, RCL suggested there was a licensing issue around the 1,000 games promised as part of the console package.

In order to expedite the process and allow backers to get their hands on the console without further delay, RCL offered a "Blankety Blank" version of the hardware.

"A number of you emailed us to say that they would prefer to have their Vega+ without any games already installed," said RCL in a Facebook post.

"This would allow them to add games they already have access to themselves. We are currently considering offering this option for those backers who ask for it, though naturally the default will be to provide the Vega+ with 1,000 games already installed."

Matters were only complicated further when Indiegogo confirmed it would be sending in debt collectors to recoup backers' money, just days after RCL promised the first units would be delivered by June 15.

However, with the first batch of blank consoles now arriving, it would appear the ordeal is drawing to a close.

"It has been a well documented long and difficult road for the company," RCL said on Facebook. "Well, we have now proved all negative claims to be false.

"We have been working diligently to overcome our problems, and we have always-believed that we could complete the project and bring the Vega+ to manufacture."

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