Muriel Tramis becomes second-ever game designer awarded the Legion of Honour

Industry pioneer receives highest order of merit for military or civil service in France

Recognised for her services to the industry, French game designer Muriel Tramis has been appointed to the rank of Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.

Requiring a minimum 20 years of public service, the Legion on Honour is the highest order of merit for military or civil service in France; it is often awarded to those who work flawlessly in their field and go beyond what would be expected of them.

Described as "one of the pioneers of the gaming industry" by Women in Games France, Tramis will join Quantic Dream's David Cage as the only other game designer to be recognised with the award.

Originally from French overseas region Martinique, Tramis began her career at Coktel Vision where she led on projects inspired by the brutal history of colonialism, such as Mčwilo and Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness.

Throughout her career, Tramis has also worked on serious games, along with virtual reality projects; in 2003 she left to manage Avantilles, a specialist in real-time 3D applications for the web.

Tramis is being recognised for her work particularly around educational games with the creation of the Adi series which continued to operate after her departure from Coktel until the studio closed in 2011.

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