Nintendo UK charging up to 180 for cracked Switch repairs

One in five users experience this fault but platform holder claims it is accidental damage not covered by warranty

Nintendo's UK arm is charging Switch owners for repairs to their console, despite the fact that the damage appears to be a fault with the machine's design.

Since the console launched, there have been widespread reports of cracks appearing around the device's vents and even word of some units bending and warping in the heat caused by being played extensively in docked mode. sister site Nintendo Life has been investigating the matter, and in a poll of over 1,000 users the team found that 20 per cent of its readers have experienced this issue.

The site posits that the cracks can be attributed to the type of plastic used to manufacture the console and seem to be caused by the high levels of heat released when the Switch is running, whether in docked or handheld mode.

Nintendo Life's UK readers further report that the platform holder charges between £150 and £180 to repair this - a steep price given the console generally retails around £279.

Correspondence from these readers, including forwarded emails from Nintendo's customer support, reveals the platform holder regards this issue as 'accidental damage', and is therefore not covered by the warranty - hence the hefty price tag.

A statement from Nintendo UK to our sister site claims there have not been enough 'confirmed' reports of the issue to warrant any action. It urges anyone who has suffered this damage to get in touch - given that one in five Nintendo Life readers have been affected, this could help motivate a more active response.

Nintendo Life observes that a similar issue was experienced with the DS Lite back in the day, where a crack would develop across the screen hinge. In those cases, however, Nintendo offered replacement units with no charge for the user.

Interestingly, Nintendo Life's North American readers report that they have been able to secure free replacements from Nintendo for the same issue - multiple replacements, in some instances. has contacted Nintendo UK to clarify.

The option for cloud saves could help alleviate some of the frustration for this issue, as this would minimise progress lost if a Switch owner is able to secure a replacement unit. Nintendo has promised the functionality will be added later this year, but it will only be available to subscribers of its online service.

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