RuneScape has brought in over $800 million in lifetime revenue

After 17 years and three iterations, Jagex's MMO has over 250 million player accounts and continues to grow

Jagex's 17-year-old MMORPG remains steadfast in success despite its age. At Develop: Brighton this week, Jagex CEO Phil Mansell revealed that the free-to-play game has made over $800 million in lifetime revenue. reports that not only is the game still monetarily successful, but the game is also continuing to grow its userbase, which now consists of over 250 million accounts.

Even though a fair chunk of those are likely inactive, RuneScape's popularity can also be seen on Twitch, where it ranks in the top 20 for most "relevant" games and top 40 for most viewed at the time of this writing.

Earlier this year, Jagex announced it would be shutting down its dedicated version of the original game, RuneScape Classic, due to the growing difficulty of supporting it. The game's second iteration remains active in the form of Old School RuneScape alongside the newest updated version of RuneScape. Old School RuneScape has also recently been released in beta on Android, with an iOS release planned for later this year.

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