Tilting Point increases user acquisition fund for mobile developers

Marketing and publishing service commits up to $132 million annually to help new games stand out

Games publisher and partner Tilting Point has increased its investment in its user acquisition fund from $12 million to up to $132 million. The dramatic increase in funding will serve to continue investing in free-to-play mobile titles, helping them break into a busy ecosystem in a meaningful way.

Tilting Point's UA fund was established in 2016 with an initial commitment of $12 million. The fund was targeted at indie developers having trouble standing out in a marketplace saturated with daily releases.

Since then, the UA fund has helped increase revenue on multiple games. To showcase the fund's success, Tilting Point offered up examples such as Star Trek Timelines, which made it into the top grossing games in the United States. Other success stories include Photo Finish, which saw a 32x increase to its monthly revenue, and TerraGenesis, which saw a 10x increase.

The success of these and other titles the company has supported fueled the large funding increase.

"We are uniquely positioned to address the pain points developers face in breaking through the clutter, efficiently acquiring players, and increasing their life time value," said Kevin Segalla, Tilting Point CEO. "Our interests are truly aligned with the developer since we put our own dollars at risk to fund the marketing campaign. We aren't providing loans nor taking equity and there is no ongoing revenue share."

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