69% of Fortnite players have bought in-game purchases, average spend is $85

But one in five spenders unaware that paying for items does not given them an advantage

A new survey into the spending habits of Fortnite's community reveals that more than two thirds of its players have indeed spent money on the free-to-play Battle Royale game.

The study was carried out by LendEDU and surveyed 1,000 people who frequently play Fornite, most typically dedicating six to ten hours per week to Epic Games' popular survival title.

68.8 per cent of these players stated they had purchased in-game content for Fortnite, with most of that spending (58.9 per cent) going on outfits or characters. 18.06 per cent had bought gliders, 13.52 per cent had picked up new harvesting tools, while 9.52 per cent had been shopping for emotes or dance moves.

Across that 68.8 per cent of spending players, the average amount of money invested in Fortnite over the past year was $84.67.

However, one in five of these spenders were reportedly unaware that purchasing in-game content did not give them any advantage in the arena. This is despite the warning at the bottom of the store screen, "Note: These items are cosmetic only and grant no competitve advantage."

Furthermore, more than a third (36.78 per cent) of these players revealed that Fortnite is the first video game they've spent money on.

Yesterday, it was reported that Fortnite earned more than $300 million in May, the first time it's passed this milestone in a single month. However, this was only up by seven per cent over April, suggesting the game's growth may be slowing.

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With AT&T now the owner of WB Games through it wholly owned subsidiary and division WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner), I see them dominating esports- plus they own ELEAGUE.

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David Amor Director, MAG Interactive10 months ago
There's no doubting Fortnite's success but this is a misleading piece of analysis. As a colleague just put it, a more accurate headline would read "69% of extremely highly engaged Fortnite players buy in-game purchases".

I'd love to hear the actual conversion-to-payer.
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Thomas Bidaux CEO, ICO Partners10 months ago
@David Amor: Thanks! I am disappointed to see so many outlets quoting this study and not understanding the methodology used. These numbers are meaningless in their context.
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