Monument Valley 2 sold almost 3.5 million copies in its first year

Mobile puzzler was installed over 30 million times, including free-to-start Android version in China

One year after the launch of Monument Valley 2, developer Ustwo is proving that premium mobile games can still be profitable under the right set of circumstances. Since release, the geometric puzzler has sold nearly 3.5 million copies and been installed across 30 million devices, including the free-to-start Android version released in China.

Ustwo released a blog post and infographic in celebration of the game's one-year anniversary that's full of interesting sales and installation tidbits. Per the infographic, the game brought in $10 million in revenue in its first year. That's nearly double the $5.8 million in revenue its predecessor brought in during the same length of time, though it doesn't quite reach Monument Valley's second-year height of $14.4 million.

Despite overcoming its predecessor in total year-one revenue, Monument Valley 2 also cost quite a bit more to make. The infographic lists a $2.3 million budget as opposed to Monument Valley's $852 thousand (for the initial game). Much of that can be chalked up to development team that doubled in size (16 members as opposed to 8) and an increased development period (70 weeks versus 55).

Monument Valley 2 was most popular in China, probably in part due to its free-to-start Android release, with 91.4% of the game's unique installs coming from China and 62.3% of the game's purchases. That said, the game was most popular overall on iOS, with 2.1 million sales on the platform. iOS did have a jump on Android and other platforms, as the game launched initially on iOS in June of 2017 and followed on Android in November.

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