Bluehole to acquire Delusion Studio

PUBG owner picks up Korean developer behind Guardian Stone, Castle Burn

Bluehole announced this week that it will acquire fellow South Korean developer Delusion Studio.

The acquisition was first reported in the Korean publication Korea Joongang Daily, though specifics about the deal, its terms, or anticipated closure date are still unknown.

Delusion Studio is a smaller mobile developer responsible for games such as Guardian Stone, Jellipo, House of Mice, and its most popular release, Castle Burn.

This acquisition is the latest in a series of recent investments by Bluehole. In February of this year, the company invested ten billion won in Kakao Games as a part of the developer's global expansion strategy to acquire new firms.

Just one month later, Bluehole internal development studio PUBG Corp purchased New York-based developer MadGlory. Renaming the studio PUBG MadGlory, PUBG Corp set it to work on a suite of tools called the PUBG Developer Portal that allows web developers to design PUBG websites and add-ons using collected game data.

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