E3 2018: Watch the Xbox press conference here

Microsoft will need more than Forza and Crackdown to emerge from E3 with much credit - expect the return of some major IPs

Xbox has confirmed it will taking a deeper diver on previously announced games, such as the long-awaited Crackdown 3, but also "trailers for our unannounced titles coming in 2018 and beyond".

Given how lacklustre its first-party slate has been over the last 12 months, we can surely expect to see the return of major IPs like Halo and Gears of War, and perhaps also the much anticipated return of Fable - even if the studio that created it, Lionhead, is no longer with us. Realistically, though, Microsoft would really benefit from adding to that portfolio with a new franchise or two, to close the ever widening software gap between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

There will also be plenty of discussion of the power of Xbox One X - and perhaps some more on the VR capabilities teased during its reveal least year - and likely a greater emphasis than any other platform holder on digital services like Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Play Anywhere, and Mixer.

The action kicks off at 13:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 09:00 BST / 06:00 AEST (Monday)


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