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Harebrained Schemes parts ways with designer accused of sexual harassment

Battletech developer conducted internal investigation after multiple women came forward

Battletech designer Tyler Carpenter has been dismissed from Harebrained Studios after multiple women came forward with sexual harassment accusations against him. The accusations prompted an internal investigation that concluded with his immediate departure today.

"The moment this situation came to our attention, we placed the employee on immediate leave while we conducted a full investigation," read a tweet from the developer. "We determined the best course of action was that Harebrained Schemes would part ways with the employee, and that action was taken immediately.

"We are committed to providing a safe workspace for all our employees and will always take immediate action to maintain a safe, positive, respectful, and collaborative environment."

In a follow-up tweet, Harebrained Studios stated that it was "committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive development team, and to creating game experiences for a diverse gaming community."

According to Waypoint, at least six women recounted inappropriate touching, harassment over messages, gaslighting, and repeated expression of interest all after being asked to stop. In response, Carpenter acknowledged that all accusation were true.

Harebrained was acquired by Paradox Interactive earlier this week, but per the same Waypoint inquiry, the investigation took place prior to the deal and Paradox has no comment on the incidents.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment has also issued an official statement condemning Carpenter's actions, stating that despite his involvement in a live-streamed RPG relaunching on its platform, there were no plans to include him in the relaunch nor will there be in the future. The original host of that stream, Hyper RPG, issued a condemnation as well.

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