World Cup fever propels FIFA 18 back to No.1 in UK charts

But Detroit: Become Human, Far Cry 5 and God of War still manage to fend off retro-centric new releases

FIFA 18 has returned to the top of the UK games retail charts, thanks to that little footy tournament happening over in Russia.

A combination of enthusiasm for the World Cup, an accompanying free mode from Electronic Arts and widespread in-store promotions has seen FIFA's sales rise by 21 per cent week-on-week, lifting it four places to No.1.

More recent hits are still faring well in stores, with Detroit: Become Human holding on to No.2 despite a 46 per cent drop in sales - which is to be expected in a game's second week on shelves.

Far Cry 5 actually saw a boost this week, up three places to No.3 thanks to a 36 per cent lift in sales, while God of War only suffered a 19 per cent sales dip and climbs one place to No.4.

Sega Mega Drive Classics is the highest new entry at No.5, followed by Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection following close behind at No.6. Very close behind, in fact - Sega's compilation only outsold Capcom's by around 600 units. Proof, as if it were needed, that nostalgia is still a decent sales driver.

The rest of the Top 10 features familiar names. Overwatch enjoyed the biggest sales boost this week - up by 30 per cent - but is a non-mover at No.7. Dark Souls Remastered saw the steepest drop in sales, down 65 per cent and slipping six places to No.9.

Outside the Top 10, Sea of Thieves and Doom almost tripled their sales compared to the week before thanks to new hardware bundles.

The only other new entries were Tennis World Tour at No.31 and Agony at No.32.

You can read the full UKIE GfK Top 10 for the week below. As always, this refers only to UK boxed sales and does not encompass digital.

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
41FIFA 18
12Detroit: Become Human
63Far Cry 5
54God of War
New Entry5Sega Mega Drive Classics
New Entry6Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection
77Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition
28State of Decay 2
39Dark Souls Remastered
910Fallout 4

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I am sure Electronic Arts (EA) via EA Sports have bought perpetual licensing rights to Fifa and many popular sport brands. Plus they also dominate the licensing market with The Simpsons, and Star Wars. So Much for being the Grandfather of Gaming. Interestingly, it seems like GTA V have finally left the Top Ten after nearly 5 years or maybe it will come back again, That game is a phenomenon.

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