Evolve servers to shut down in September

Publisher 2K confirms end for AAA game turned free-to-play

Dedicated servers for asymmetrical multiplayer Evolve will be shutting down in a matter of months, publisher 2K has confirmed.

Evolve Stage 2 -- the free-to-play iteration of the game launched in July 2016 -- will no longer be available on PC.

Those who purchased Evolve before it went free-to-play however will still be able to play peer-to-peer multiplayer on PC and console, but ranked games, leaderboards, and the in-game store will be shut down along with the servers.

While the publisher will stop accepting virtual currency purchases on July 2, the servers will remain online until September 3.

Evolve launched to a lukewarm reception in 2015 before developer Turtle Rock relaunched it as a free-to-play game.

For a time it looked like the move was successful, with Evolve finding itself in the top 100 games (#18) on Steam for the first time since its launch. However, by October it had fallen to 130 and now, two years later, sits at 712 with an average daily player count of 281.

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