The Elder Scrolls: Legends development switched to Sparkypants Studios

Transition away from Dire Wolf Studios will include new client, UI, and visuals, same game design

The Elder Scrolls: Legends will get a brand new look soon. Bethesda is transitioning Dire Wolf Digital completely off of the CCG it created and handing it off to Dropzone developer Sparkypants Studios.

Although the core of The Elder Scrolls: Legends will not change, the game will run on a brand new client which will include new visuals, features, and a new UI. In an interview with IGN, Bethesda vice president Pete Hines praised the flexibility of the new client in allowing the team to make changes quickly, fix bugs, add features, or update cards. More details on what is changing will be announced at E3.

Hines did not specify the reason for the change, but stated that it was not due to dissatisfaction with Dire Wolf's work on the game. "I think Dire Wolf made an excellent game in Legends that people have really enjoyed. It's won Game of the Year awards and has been praised by the community. This is more about the future and where we are headed."

He also mentioned that "having a singular focus from our new team will only help the game," referring to Dire Wolf's upcoming release of its self-published CCG, Eternal, which will be out in the coming weeks. Dire Wolf's work on Eternal was not the reason for the change, according to Hines.

Without The Elder Scrolls: Legends on its plate, Dire Wolf will expand its other offerings, including both digital and physical board games. In an official blog post, Dire Wolf hinted at other partnerships to be announced in the coming months that will assist in expanding the company's catalogue.

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