Jack Tretton's indie investment fund will target UE4 projects

Interactive Gaming Ventures will make up to 21 investments in projects using Epic's engine

Jack Tretton's new investment fund will target indie developers using Unreal Engine 4, with as many as 21 individual investments promised for studios using Epic's engine.

Interactive Gaming Ventures, which Tretton unveiled in March this year, will invest in two or three "experienced indie teams" a year for the next seven years. The value of the investments will be between $1 million and $5 million per project.

All studios working with Interactive Gaming Ventures maintain control over their IP. IGV focuses on projects that will be published on PC first, but there is the option to then ship on console and mobile.

"We are looking to provide exceptional independent teams building games with Unreal Engine the support structure, cash infusion, marketing resources and relationships that will help them achieve incredible financial returns," Tretton said in a statement.

We spoke to Tretton about IGV's goals and the qualities it looks for in projects back in March. You can read about that here, but at the time Tretton cited the same rate of "two or three" projects a year in Epic's announcement.

"We didn't spend any time with the venture capital community because they want the long shots," Tretton said at the time. "They want the latest and greatest, and they're fully prepared to have the vast majority of investments they make never pan out.

"They're looking for that exponential breakout hit that does 100-fold investment and makes up for the other 99 [projects] they didn't make a dime on. That isn't the model of our fund."

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