Steam games warned for "pornographic content" have warnings dismissed, subject to re-review

HuniePop, Mutiny!!, and Kindred Spirits on the Roof developers report Valve's retraction, future status remains uncertain

Last week, multiple developers of anime-styled Steam games with visual novel elements and sexual themes reported that Valve had warned them to censor content in their games or have them removed from the Steam store. Over the weekend, it seems Valve has retracted at least some of these warnings, and is now subjecting the affected games to a "re-review."

The warnings were sent almost exclusively to smaller developers of anime-style games that involved sexual content, including some with only minor amounts of nudity. The developers were warned that their games included "pornographic content" and would be removed from Steam within two weeks if the game was not updated to censor said content.

Many of the games involved had been on Steam for years without trouble; some (such as Kindred Spirits on the Roof) had worked specifically with Valve to ensure the content was acceptable.

HunieDev (HuniePop), MangaGamer (Kindred Spirits on the Roof), and Lupiesoft (Mutiny!!) have since tweeted from official accounts saying that Valve has apologized and instructed them to disregard the warning. However, all three developers indicated their games were up for a "re-review" and that Valve would follow up soon if content needed to be addressed.

The sudden warning of these games has brought into the open Valve's unclear policies on sexual content and inconsistent enforcement across different genres. Valve has not issued an official statement on why these games were flagged.

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Lokesh Chopade Game Test Engineer, Ubisoft India2 years ago
Undoubtedly, the valve is making a huge mistake. If such continues developers will cease to release games on steam, this might lead to a great loss. Definitely, all these warnings are a major symbol of partiality been involved in the management. Nothing is wrong yet valve has still got time to cover this part and stop making such a nonsensible mistake. Valve has already proved that day by day they are becoming Shit, this adds a plus point to it.
I can imagine those days are not long enough when people will say RIP Valve.
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