Oculus adds DLC support for mobile VR apps

Beta test opens up a new revenue stream, with Rift DLC support still to come

Oculus has added DLC support for its Mobile platform, opening up an important new revenue stream for mobile VR developers.

Support for "multiple dynamic expansion files" was added last week, so developers participating in the beta are now able to release downloadable content for games on the Oculus Mobile platform.

"Starting today, you can launch new content for an application that already exists on the Oculus Mobile Store," the company said in a blog post.

"Whether you're introducing an extra character, a new level in a game, additional images and media files, or new chapters, DLC support will enable larger application sizes and additional revenue from your application after it has been purchased."

Earning revenue is still an issue in the VR market, particularly with mobile games, and the ability to sell additional content gives developers another option in a challenging market. At the Reboot Develop conference, Oculus VR's Matt Conte highlighted the difference between PC and mobile VR users when it comes to paying for content.

"Mobile is a bit more challenging," he said. "Free-to-play doesn't really work - or it hasn't been shown to work just yet - and most people don't want to pay premium prices."

DLC support for Oculus Rift will arrive in the future, Oculus said, though no firm date was given.

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