Adult Swim Games acquires Big Pixel

Publisher brings Pocket Mortys developer in-house to continue work on network IP

Today, Adult Swim announced the acquisition of Big Pixel Studios, the developer behind its licensed game Pocket Mortys. This acquisition is part of a broader strategy to spread Adult Swim IP onto other platforms; in this case, mobile.

Pocket Mortys was launched in 2016 for iOS and Android with Adult Swim Games as its publisher. Big Pixel has continued to support it with additional content since and updates will continue post-acquisition even as the studio starts work on other games with Adult Swim's oversight.

"We are extremely proud of the relationship between Big Pixel Studios and Adult Swim Games resulting in the success of Pocket Mortys," said Big Pixel managing director David Burpitt. "I hope our players are as excited as we are knowing that this new chapter puts us in a fantastic position to develop existing and new titles for them to enjoy."

Adult Swim Games is not only responsible for publishing games from licensed IP, but also has published other independent games such as Amateaur Surgeon, Robot Unicorn Attack, and Rain World. In total, it has published over 200 games across multiple platforms.

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Social Point could have bought them for like $1,000,000 and make them their UK studio. Oh well.
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