Boss Key Productions shuts down

Battle royale Radical Heights was not enough to save LawBreakers studio

Cliff Bleszinski announced today via Twitter that Boss Key Productions has effectively closed. This came just over a month after the news that Boss Key would cease work on its first and most notable release, LawBreakers.

In his statement, Cliff Belszinski says battle royale game Radical Heights was "last-ditch attempt" to save studio after LawBreakers struggled.

Radical Heights is a free-to-play battle royale title that released in early access last month. For the time being, its servers will remain up. It is unknown how long or if LawBreakers servers will remain available.

Boss Key Productions was formed in 2014 with backing from Nexon, which also published LawBreakers. Though the game was received well enough, its unfortunate release timing alongside PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds did the game no favors, though at the time Bleszinski was adamant that it would pull through. In April, Boss Key stated that the game failed to generate enough revenue for Boss Key to continue to support it with regular updates.

For now, Bleszinski intends to take time away from development to be with his family. Prior to Boss Key, Bleszinski worked at Epic Games for over two decades on projects such as the Unreal series and Gears of War.

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