Hackers find PSP emulator in PS4 remaster of PaRappa the Rapper

PlayStation 4 version of cult classic rhythm game just an emulation of the 2007 PSP re-release

Hackers have found a way to play old PSP games on the PlayStation 4 with upscaled graphics.

Posting in the GBATemp forums, user KiiWii laid out their discovery that the PS4 remaster of PaRappa the Rapper was simply the 2007 PSP re-release running on an emulator with a 4K texture update.

By replacing the source files, hackers have been able to get several PSP games to boot on the PS4 by, including Loco Roco, Patapon, Namco Museum, and the PSP development kit test app.

The unearthed emulator only runs a handful of games currently, and there may even by a 880mb file-size limit, says KiiWii.

Another recent PS4 hack saw users get PS2 games running on the console using an exploit in the PS1 classics library.

Coupled with the news last month that an unpatchable hardware issue left the Nintendo Switch wide open, it's apparent these console closed platforms are less secure than intended.

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