Mega Cat Studios, Devolver Digital announce charity SNES game

All Devolver's profits from Fork Parker's Crunch Out will go to mental health awareness non-profit Take This

The Super Nintendo was discontinued in 1999, but the system just saw an original game announcement in 2018.

Developer Mega Cat Studios with publisher Devolver Digital have announced a limited-run physical game release for the system entitled Fork Parker's Crunch Out. 100% of Devolver Digital's profits on the game will go to Take This, a charity focused on spreading awareness of mental health issues, providing education, prevention efforts, and reducing associated stigma.

Fork Parker's Crunch Out is a management sim centered around demanding CFO Fork Parker, who must organize, motivate, and push an exhausted development team to ship games. Using upgrades such as espresso machines, unpaid interns, and mandatory overtime, the game aims to humorously educate its audience on the very real (and unfortunately still very prevalent) issue of crunch in game development.

Fork Parker's Crunch Out will see a limited physical run of 1,000 real, playable SNES copies costing $49.99 apiece. A special edition costing $149.00 comes with a replica desk-top monitor that lights up when the game is running.

Mega Cat Studios has a history of creating retro cartridge games, including Coffee Crisis for the Sega Genesis and a collaboration with Rose Colored Gaming on Limited Edition NES cartridges for Log Jammers and Little Medusa.

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