PS2 classics added to PlayStation Now

Sony matches Xbox by making three generations of video games available through subscription service

PlayStation has announced it will be adding titles from the biggest selling console of all time to its PS Now library.

In an official blog post, Sony revealed the first wave of PlayStation 2 titles which will be added to the service, which will include Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2 and Hot Shots Tennis.

These titles are already sold via the PlayStation 4 via the PS Store, but are now available to PlayStation Now subscribers. As with the standalone versions, these have been upgraded to run in HD and feature Trophies for players to earn.

Arguably this move was inevitable as Sony continues to grow the library available to its subscribers, but it follows Microsoft's decision to bring original Xbox titles to both its store and the Xbox Game Pass service.

Both services now offer three generations' worth of video games for a set price per month - although a key selling point for Microsoft is that, as of this year, all new first-party releases will be added to Xbox Game Pass as well.

Sea of Thieves is already available with Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 to follow. It's unclear whether Sony will follow suit by adding new PS4 releases to PS Now but given the console's significantly larger userbase, it's unlikely.

While Xbox Game Pass may have more recent releases, it has a more limited library - around 100 titles vs PS Now's 600-plus offering. It also offers games via download, while Sony's service enables users to stream the games Netflix-style.

It's likely this is just the beginning of PS Now's PlayStation 2 range given the number of titles already available via the Store. It is also likely Sony will add original PlayStation titles at some point in the future.

The PlayStation 2 stands as the industry's most successful console to date, have sold more than 155 million units worldwide.

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Latest comments (2)

Ben Link Video Game Enthusiast and Graphic Artist A year ago
This doesn't even come close to matching what Microsoft is doing with Backwards compatibility.
Putting three PS2 games on PSNOW, which isn't free, isn't matching Xbox. Sony has them easily beat on exclusives but you can't even compare backwards compatibility and three PS2 games on a subscription service.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser A year ago
"but it follows Microsoft's decision to bring original Xbox titles to both its store and the Xbox Game Pass service"

You also failed to mention that if you already own those original Xbox games then you don't need to buy them in the store or get a Game Pass subscription to play them--you can just put your disc in the system and it will play.

Or, to be more blunt, Microsoft isn't charging it's customers to play original Xbox or 360 games they already own. They can just put their disc in the system or download it from the cloud if it was a digital purchase. And this is what seperates the two with their previous generation's games: Sony charges you to play games you already own and Microsoft doesn't charge you to play them.
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