PUBG Corp. says 15 hackers arrested, fined $5.1 million

Some PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds cheat programs were said to contain viruses to scan users' PCs, steal information

PUBG Corp. wants to crack down on cheaters. Late last week, the company posted an update on Steam explaining that it's doing "everything possible" to protect the game from hackers and cheaters, improving security measures and adopting new and improved anti-cheat solutions.

In addition, the company has been working with authorities to shut down shady operations. PUBG Corp said last week, one such effort resulted in 15 suspects arrested for creating and selling hacking and cheating programs that impacted PUBG. The alleged hackers were fined $5.1 million, and others are under continuing investigation.

Additionally, PUBG Corp. said some of the hack programs being sold contained malicious code that was used to illegally take control of users' computers and send personal information back to the hackers.

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This is one of the best informative articles from a business perspective and more that I have read here. And the advice from a contract basis just nails it. EVERY small growing development house or really any that are taking on contract work should read and commit it to memory.

If people do not respond to reasonable requests during negotiations they will make you pay in the long run. Likely a price you can not absorb or recover from.
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