Quantic Dream sues press over reports of toxic workplace - Report

Detroit: Become Human studio takes legal action against two of the three outlets who unearthed allegations of harassment and discrimination

Quantic Dream is suing a trio of media outlets who earlier this year collaborated on separate reports of toxic workplace conditions at the Detroit: Become Human developer. That's according to a report by Kotaku, which received confirmation of the legal action from Quantic Dream president and founder David Cage as well as journalists with Le Monde and Mediapart, two of the three outlets that worked on the original stories.

The third outlet, Canard PC, said it had not received notice of any legal action yet, although it did get threatening letters from Quantic Dream before and after the publication about the studio's culture.

The original reports cast Quantic Dream in a deeply negative light, with employees describing an environment of harassment, homophobia, racism, sexism and excessive workloads. Immediately after the reports were published, Quantic Dream released a statement denying the allegations, and followed that up the next month with a statement calling it a "veritable smear campaign" based on slanderous remarks.

Speaking to Kotaku, Le Monde journalist William Audureau said the paper was standing by its reporting.

"The story has been written sincerely, following a well-documented, thorough investigation, respectful of the principle that both sides must be heard. We stick with our information," Audureau told the site.

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Christophe Danguien games developer 4 years ago
Whether it's true or not...them doing that just tend to prove the journalists and the whole controverse is actually true...
If it's not real, they should just let it go.
It will go quiet, and people will forget. This just keeps getting the stories back in the spot-light, and question whether the company might be a toxic place or not.

That is not really smart from the management/legal team at QD

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Herve Sohm CEO & Founder, Feather & Sword4 years ago
Not sure if it's a bad move. there are laws against defamatory allegations and this action goes beyond a PR move in my opinion.
Seems to me like a sign of a mutating industry where stakeholders are trying to figure out how to interact with each other under the scrutiny of a an audience mature enough to get interested in this type of affairs and ever growing financial stakes.
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Erwan Bancal4 years ago
These allegations are probably true, the facts is that the investigation was performed jointly by 3 different journals:
* Le Monde: One of the highest profile newspaper in France
* Médiapart: The highest profile online only french media that became famous recently for its investigations on the Bettencourt and Sarkozy affairs.
* CanardPC: A long time magazine specialized in video games.

On a more personal note Having worked at Quantic Dream on Heavy Rain I wouldn't be surprised this was all true.

If the allegations are true it is a bad move (in theory) but the management of Quantic Dream are no fools which makes me think they have high level support in the political sphere (yes France is corrupt)
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