Twitch signs multi-year deal with NBA 2K League

First media rights deal for the NBA and Take-Two's esports endeavor will see up to 199 games aired live on streaming site

The NBA 2K League tips off May 1, and all the action will be broadcast on Twitch. The video streaming site and the league today announced a multiyear partnership that will see Twitch air live streams of every NBA 2K League game.

Earlier this month, Twitch aired the NBA 2K League's initial draft, during which each of the 17 teams in the league picked a roster of six players. Between the regular season, three in-season tournaments, and playoffs, Twitch is committed to live streaming as many as 199 games this year, with each contest also viewable on-demand later on.

"From video games to real games, the NBA continues to innovate around basketball when it comes to engaging with the Twitch community," Twitch head of esports programs Justin Dellario said. "By partnering with Twitch for the NBA 2K League, that pioneering spirit will continue to be reflected when we elevate this latest entry to the world of competitive gaming with interactive features and our global stage."

This is the second deal Twitch has signed with an NBA affiliated league. Late last year it began live streaming games from the NBA's developmental arm, the G League.

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Go Take-Two Interactive (TTWO)!

Note: Interestingly, Take-Two used to own 2% of Amazon years ago before Amazon acquired them.
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Take-Two should buy Sports Illustrated to bolster their esports (2K League) endeavor.
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