Eugen Systems developers call an end to strike

"We have stopped striking… after more than a month a half, to conserve our resources for the future"

The strike at Steel Division: Normandy 44 developer Eugen Systems is over. Earlier this week, the striking employees sent out a message through French union Le Syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Jeu Vidéo announcing an end to their effort.

"We do not think we will gain any additional ground with this strike, despite the fact our grievances are simply about conforming to labour laws and collective labour agreements," the group said. "Thus, we have stopped striking Tuesday, April 3rd, after more than a month a half, to conserve our resources for the future."

The developers began their strike in February after a year of problems with management. In particular, they accused Eugen of violating minimum wage laws, not compensating developers for overtime, and violating their contractual obligations to some employees.

While the strike is over, more than a dozen of the developers will continue pursuing action against Eugen Systems in French labour court.

"It is thanks to the support we received that we were able to hold out for more than a month and a half, be it encouraging messages or donations from all of you," the developers said. "The public interest (media, politicians, players...) for this novel social movement reinforces us in the idea that it was not in vain, and that we were right to fight for our rights. We want this industry to mature, to recognize the value of our work and of our skills."

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