Jam City acquires Columbia-based mobile dev Brainz and its award-winning strategy IP

"This deal proves that it is possible for Latin American talent to become part of global companies," says Brainz general manager

Mobile developer Jam City today announced that it has acquired the assets of Colombia-based studio Brainz.

Included in the deal are the rights to the upcoming mobile strategy game, World War Doh, which Brainz will continue to develop.

Due to launch in late 2018, World War Doh has begun to attract a lot of attention; last year it received Apple's Best of 2017 award for tech and innovation in Latin America, along with Best in Show: Audience Choice at the 2017 Casual Connect USA conference.

With a back catalogue of games like Panda Pop, and the Writer's Guild of America nominated Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, Jam City's acquisition of a real-time strategy game marks the studio's expansion into new territory.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Jam City to acquire a highly anticipated, award-winning mobile game before its worldwide launch," said Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO.

"World War Doh is an entirely new type of game for Jam City, and we've been blown away by how creative, entertaining and just plain fun it is. We look forward to welcoming the incredibly talented World War Doh team to Jam City and bringing the experience to gamers worldwide later this year."

Alejandro Gonzalez, Brainz general manager added: "We instantly hit it off with the Jam City team, which has been extremely supportive and truly shares our vision for World War Doh.

"World War Doh has been a labour of love for our team and we could not be more excited for the game to become part of Jam City's top-ranked portfolio of hit entertainment properties. This deal proves that it is possible for Latin American talent to become part of global companies like Jam City - the future is bright."

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Sean Kauppinen Founder & CEO, IDEA4 years ago
Brainz is a fantastic studio and Jam City will enable them to make World War Dough a massive hit. Congrats to Alejandro, Jairo and the entire team on the acquisition. Looking forward to seeing even more success!
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Mela4 years ago
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Alejandro Gonzalez General Manager, Jam City4 years ago
@Sean Kauppinen: Thanks!
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