Bandai Namco opens two virtual reality arcades in south England

Plans to further expand the operation across the UK throughout 2018

Bandai Namco has announced the opening of two new virtual reality arcades in south England.

Last year, the publisher opened its doors to the world's largest virtual reality arcade, VR Zone Shinjuku in Tokyo.

The European arm of the company is the first to open spin-offs from the original with two new VR Zone Portals at Tunbridge Wells and the London O2 Arena, with plans to roll out more locations across the UK this year.

Each site features three non-IP virtual reality experiences, with survival horror Hospital Escape Terror, anime flight simulator Argyle Shift, and the self-explanatory Fear or Heights.

At present, the the London locations provide a fairly limited offering in comparison to VR Shinjuku which features several licensed titles including Mario Kart and Dragon Ball VR games.

"Along with more locations, we will see the VR Zone Portal grow with exciting new IP experiences that allow thrill-seekers to transport themselves to new worlds and experience things they never before believed possible," said the publisher in a statement.

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Wow! covering the Out-of-Home entertainment scene - that is a surprise.
Well if you are interested we covered the O2 facility last year!

We also reported from the other UK VR ZONE Portal - which are part of the Hollywood Bowl facility chain. If you need more timely Out-of-Home entertainment news... just ask!
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