PUBG Corp prepares to introduce new anti-cheat solution as total bans exceeds 2.5m

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds bans one million cheaters in January alone

Over one million players were been banned from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in January alone, bringing the total up to over 2.5 million.

Anti-cheat solution BattleEye made the announcement on Twitter, saying "unfortunately, things continue to escalate."

With over 30 million PUBG players across PC and Xbox One, a degree of cheating is inevitable.

However, the battle royale shooter has been plagued with cheating since it launched onto Early Access in March last year, with the developer banning 322,000 players in just six months.

"We deeply sympathize with the inconvenience that our players are experiencing due to cheat programs and we are doing our best to fight those who create, distribute and use cheats," said Dohyung Lee, head of service management and anti-cheat at PUBG Corp.

In a recent Steam update Lee, announced that the studio has developed a new internal anti-cheat solution, ready to be introduced next week.

"This solution will complement the systems that have been developed and implemented already," said Dohyung. "Its main focus for now is blocking unauthorised programs but it will be further developed to broaden the scope of its abilities."

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