Majority of jobs lost at David Jaffe's studio

The Bartlett Jones Supernatural Detective Agency downsizes as next project is cancelled

The development studio led by long-running games designer David Jaffe has seen the "vast majority" of its gaming staff let go.

Jaffe revealed the layoffs via Twitter, attributing the mass layoffs down to the cancellation of the team's next project. While the studio lead has teased this project on social media in the past, it's unclear what the firm was working on.

"More news to come but for now, that's what up," he wrote. "Heart's breaking for the amazingly talented crew that's out of work."

Jaffe's studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, has only produced one game since it was formed in 2013: last year's PS4 exclusive multiplayer title Drawn to Death. The title was co-developed with Sony's nearby San Diego studio and met mixed reviews, with a Metacritic rating of 56.

It's not clear exactly how many employees have been laid off, but the Drawn to Death credits lists a team of at least 30 behind the game, so it's likely at least a dozen (probably more) developers are now seeking new employment.

The studio was supposed to mark a return to consoles for David Jaffe, best known for directing the Twisted Metal series as well as the original God of War.

Previously, he spent five years at Eat Sleep Play and was considering iOS development, but left the studio in 2012 due to creative differences.

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