Games development veteran Yuji Naka joins Square Enix

What about Prope?

One of the creators of Sonic The Hedgehog has joined Square Enix to create a new game.

Yuji Naka announced on Twitter that he joined the Final Fantasy publisher this month, and he will 'aim to develop an enjoyable game, please look forward to it'.

Naka was a leading figure in the Sonic Team before he left in 2006 to form Prope, a company that worked on a number of titles including Rodea The Sky Soldier, Ivy the Kiwi?, Digimon Adventure and Let's Tap. Prope also created the StreetPass Mansion game for Nintendo 3DS.

Alongside the Sonic series, Naka has worked on numerous projects include Phantasy Star, and was the producer on Phantasy Star Online, Samba De Amigo, ChuChu Rocket and Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (which as well all know, is an excellent game).

There's no word on how his new venture with Square Enix will impact Prope.

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By Alec Meer

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