PlayStation 4 outsold by Xbox One last month in North America

Nintendo Switch shifts most units overall, says Xbox marketing head

The Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 in North America last month, according to Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg.

Greenberg cited unreleased NPD data and stated that while the Nintendo Switch was still the dominant console on the market, Xbox was able to report its highest December console share ever.

Meanwhile, just this week Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 had sold 5.9 million during the festive period alone, and over 73 million units in total since its launch in 2013.

December's figures represent a significant improvement for Microsoft however. The company stopped publishing sales figures for the Xbox One back in 2015 but estimates for the console sit at around 33 million units.

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Nelsun Rivera Mixed Media A year ago
Does GameIndustry not obtain this info on its own due to you know.. being a Gaming Industry Site?

I'd rather get the details from official sources other than Twitter.

Not to say it is untrue but I figure you guys would be privy to this info.

In any case, At this point we should all be celebrating as the gaming Industry is very healthy at this time.

I never had any doubt. Where else can one get Movie like Experiences, Wonderful Music, Extrodinarily Art AND interactivity in it all?

Yup.. games are the melting pot.

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James Batchelor UK Editor, GamesIndustry.bizA year ago
@Nelsun Rivera: The way it tends to work is the NPD send out the month's data privately to all the publishers/platform holders a week or so before it is released to the media/public. At that time, some companies choose to release select factoids (such as this one). Since the information is confidential until NPD release it for the media, this is the only way we can source info ahead of the full monthly breakdown. Expect a lot more when NPD sends us the full data soon.
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