Pokémon Go dropping support for older iPhones next month

iPhone 5 and 5C will no longer be able to run Niantic's location-based phenomenon

Niantic has announced a impending update will prevent players with certain iPhone models from continuing the game.

In a statement, the studio said it is focusing on Apple devices capable of running iOS 11, and any smartphones unable to upgrade to this will receive no further support for Pokémon Go.

This means anyone still using an iPhone 5 or 5C (or, naturally, anything even older) will no longer be able to take part in the location-based mobile hit.

The change will take place on February 28th, and a full list of impacted devices can be found at Niantic's Help Center. So far, this only appears to affect Apple devices.

Niantic warns that players still using older devices may not be able to access their Pokémon Go accounts, spend PokéCoins or access items in their bag, suggesting they switch to a newer device if possible.

While not as popular as it was in the months after launch, Pokémon Go nonetheless remains one of the highest-grossing titles on the App Store. Given that many parents appease their children with older models of smartphones, this will likely affect a significant portion of Niantic's younger audience.

Of course, the constant iterative evolution of the smartphone market and its operating systems means this was perhaps inevitable, as many developers find themselves compelled to drop support for older devices if they wish to continue engaging with users on newer phones.

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