Cuphead sells two million units in two months

"Even in our wildest dreams, we never thought our crazy little characters would be embraced by this many fans," says developer

Cuphead has sold over two million units since its launch at the tail end of September, developer Studio MDHR has announced.

The Moldenhauer brothers, the duo behind Cuphead, broke the news in a post on their website, saying that "much to our shock and amazement" Cuphead has gone double platinum.

"Even in our wildest dreams, we never thought our crazy little characters would be embraced by this many fans from around the world and we are continuously humbled by your support," said the brothers.

"So to everyone who has drawn fan art, composed memes, performed songs, conquered challenge runs, streamed their playthrough, or just played Cuphead and had a good time, we love and appreciate all of you from the bottom of our hearts."

According to SteamSpy, just over one million of the sales were on PC.

Cuphead was a somewhat divisive game upon its release, with the level of difficulty in particular stoking tensions between fans and critics.

Fortunately for the Moldenhauer brothers, who remortgaged their homes and quit their jobs in order to make Cuphead happen, that didn't hamper the game's success and allusions have already been made towards a sequel.

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By James Batchelor

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Hugo Trepanier Game Designer, Behaviour Interactive3 months ago
Now imagine how much more it would sell if you actually made it accessible for players like me who don't enjoy dying 100 times nor have enough gaming time to retry a level so many times. I have literally taken it off my wishlist for that reason alone, after reading so many reviews mentioning the punishing difficulty.

Congratulations nonetheless :)
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Ruben Monteiro Engineer 3 months ago
A sign of the disparate imbalances in this industry (like others). This game is not really better than many of the indie games in the same genre struggling to sell in hundred units. Kudos for reviving an old art style, but this success comes from people's overreaction and herd mindset.
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