Former employee sues Crytek Istanbul

Head of game operations laid off in October, still waiting on severance pay

Crytek Istanbul is reportedly facing a lawsuit from an ex-employee that claims he has not been paid everything he was owed.

The news emerged via a Facebook post by the studio's head of game operations Volkan Turan - spotted by Turkish site Leader Gamer and passed on by our colleagues at VG247 Turkey.

According to the latter, the English translation reads as follows:

"Psst! As of October 25, the company I worked with for 3 years and 7 months terminated the contract unilaterally due to personal hostility. They won't give me my claims.

"Just to get my claims, I took the matter to the court, as of today I sued Crytek. My lawyer and I believe we will win, and you should too. The case does not end immediately, but when it does, the court decision will also be shared here. Let's see what the future will bring... This is so exciting."

Turan reportedly also mentioned that he has not had a problem with his salary, so the "claims" he refer to are believed to be severance payments and other rights.

Sadly, this is not the first time Crytek has faced such a claim. This time last year, a former employee used crowdfunding to source the legal fees behind his claim for unpaid salaries.

That instance followed reports that Crytek had neglected to pay employees for months during the second period of financial struggles in three years. The result was the closure of multiple Crytek studios, although Istanbul was retained.

Last week, the firm announced a new cryptocurrency in what Crytek believes will be a cost-efficient scheme to improve user acquisition.

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