Ubisoft looking for mobile AR, blockchain start-ups

Publisher puts out the call for entrepreneurs with ideas for new tech to work six-month stints at Station F incubator in Paris

Augmented reality and blockchain are two potentially big fields for the future of gaming, and Ubisoft doesn't want to miss out on that potential. The publisher today opened applications for entrepreneurs in blockchain and mobile AR fields to work on their ideas with Ubisoft in a six-month program at Paris-based incubator Station F.

"Ubisoft works with each start-up to build a tailor-made mentorship program that meets their development needs," according to the program's website. "Participants are provided space in the Ubisoft area of Station F, and benefit from a stimulating ecosystem of entrepreneurs and experts."

On the mobile AR front, Ubisoft is looking for start-ups that already have a demo. For blockchain applicants, the publisher wants to see "a proven mastery of Blockchain technology and a clear vision of how Blockchain will influence the future of entertainment." As an example of the latter, the first round of start-ups to come through Ubisoft's Gaming and Entertainment Program at Station F included B2Expand, which is looking to use blockchain tech to create a second-hand market for digital video games.

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I agree this is not gambling and it just follows what is already out there in the retail market. This has been around for ages. Do you consider Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and World of Warcraft booster card packs gambling? We can go as far back as Baseball and other sports cards which you never knew what the pack had trying to get that special card was. This is a slippery slope which can lead to many types of already established business models being affected.
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